Same Sex Marriage?


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It does not make sense. It does not go well. It does not align with the natural process. It is not normal. It defies law of nature.
It is polluting the mind set of innocent developing countries, the Melanesians, the Polynesians and the Micronesians. It is polluting the mindset of innocent Pacific.

Stop It

Please stop this cruelty

Just Stop It.Now read Australia heads on Same Sex Marriage agenda at the close door in this part of the world and globe. Stop It….Stop It…Stop It…




The 2017 Kandep Election Case
Let me take you to the news coverage on the third (3rd) page of PNG’s Nambawan Daily, Post Courier dated May 3rd 2017 where the page was allocated to Kandep Open Electorate’s politics between two traditional contenders, then incumbent and opposition leader, Hon Don Polye and his challenger, Mr Alfred Manasseh. Kandep is one of the five electorates in Enga Province, Papua New Guinea.
Lets see the photos and headings on that page below.
confident Polye
Confident Manase
These are two traditional rivals dating back to over a decade in elections when Don Polye had been in power. Until August 2017 things changed when Mr Alfred Manasseh was declared MP elect for Kandep. This was not expected by Don Polye, as you can see from his view as captured on the first photo above. As of today (16/08/2017) 16 lives have been lost at Wabag and properties like house and land destroyed worth thousands of Kina. See EMTV news on youtube. Oh my poor and innocent people at Wabag!
Two nearby tribes in Wabag, namely Kala and Kii are at battle now. Supporters of Don Polye and other opportunists’ raided Amala Village of Kala tribe soon after the declaration ousting Don Polye. The Kii tribe was seen harbouring Kandepeans who are from far left end of Enga Province. It all started when around eight (8) ballot boxes had never been counted despite direction by Electoral Commissioner. The decision to disqualify the boxes was by the provincial electoral officers for reasons they had evaluated best or otherwise, yet Don Polye had expected his win though these ballot boxes.
After this, we are not sure what the next course of action for Don Polye. Last week member elect Hon Alfred Manasseh MP was rewarded with Civil Aviation Minister, the same portfolio Don Polye held from 2002 as he first entered the Parliament. This seems the wiring of the whole thing is not by mistake such that it replicates the history between the twos. On one hand, Hon Alfred Manasseh is a lawyer by profession and equally capable but how soon will he fit Polye’s shoe at national politics? Alternatively he might be better and he may has his own history to write in service and contribution to Kandep and PNG.
In this election former Opposition leader and MP Don Polye is now outside parliament in 15 years of active and patriotic leadership. Will he come back through a court process or a recount or via a by-election? Or has the declaration for Kandep Hon Alfred Manasseh MP elect just and fair, and if so how shall the Kandep people be content with it and accept that? Who really is the supposed to be the MP elect? Another scenario is the Gumine Electorate, where two MPs took a seat each at the first Formation of Government in Parliament on the 2nd August 2017.

My conclusion: This 10th General Election is a MESS. Indeed very messy election conducted so far since independence, capable of declaring a “fail election”. Why? PNG CITIZENS HAVE NEVER BEEN SATISFIED IN THE WHOLE PROCESS FROM THE START TO THE END.
Way Forward: National Identification for all citizens and biometric system of election polling in 2022 and this is the Time to provide real solutions, not police and soldiers as solutions to the civilians.

Sad now but hoping and hoping that one day election transparency will work!

Election of 10th Government is going in now in Parliament

The formation of 10th Government is forming. It is in progress 10:51 am, the 2nd August 2017. The catch is here is that two MP elects for Gumine Electorate attending the Parliament Session right now. Crazy? I don’t know.

Polling in the City

2017 General Election

Lets go and check it out.


Tomorrow PNG goes into Polls- 2017 General Election

Tomorrow we are going into the polls to cast our votes in the 2017 General Election here at the Nations Capital.
We hope everything this time would be ok, compared to what happened on Tuesday 27.06.2017. Electrol Commission needs to step up.

Polling in the City

2017 General Election

Lets go and check it out.


End of Year 2016

It has been another year but importantly 2016 was a year we started adding our photos to this site.

Next year we will continue to add more, but for now I thank everyone who has liked my photos and stories.

End of 2016

2016 Ends some at Peace while some suffering

On global front, we pray for those suffering in Iraq and Syria for peace.

At personal life, 2016 ends with a lot of sadness, but I keep up hoping too.

Thank you all and see you in 2017.

Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.


Growing Port Moresby Continues


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Port Moresby City in Papua New Guinea is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, if not the fastest in the Asia Pacific in recent years. Below are photos taken highlighting this boom. The photo below is one taken from the new road-cross-over-bride newly completed and opened in September 2016. From there we can see the busy and bustle Vision City Shopping mall and its clients. Further at the background is the newly built Stanley Hotel and Suites Hotel still opened in June 2016.

Growing City

Growing Port Moresby

This second photo below is another one from the road-cross-over-bride looking down towards Boroko. On the right is another building open in 2016 housing National Capital District Commission (NCDC) headquarters. Further down at the right  hand (the tallest) is the new building housing Treasury Department also opened its doors in 2016. 20160923_port_moresby_today The photo below is another construction of a town inside a town (or a city inside a city) at Waterfront near the famous “Hanuabada Village”.

Waterfront near Hanuabada

A Town near Big Village “Hanuabada” all in Port Moresby City

Question here is the speed at which citizens to adapt to these changes and cope up. John Yanda

Human trace in between clouds


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Its not just natural cloud in the sky. What stresses out is the evidence of human being crossing over.

Man Made Cloud

Sky and Human Trace

Just a photo of sky, clouds and human trace in 2016.

Love that we can cross over like this..!

John Yanda

2016 National Literacy Week In PNG


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For this year, the National Literacy week for Papua New Guinea starts from the 5th – 9th of September 2016.

Kokopo in East New Britain will be the place to host this year’s event. The illiteracy rate in PNG is 36.7 % in this country having a population of about 7.5 million people.

National Literacy

National Literacy in PNG

As a developing nation, a lot of effort still have to be put in to raise the standard to higher levels.

This banner was erected by the National Literacy Secretariat and placed close to the entrance gate of Education Department in PNG.

By John Yanda