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Dear Readers,

Welcome to our site, Cruising Vision 2050. As the name stands and clock clicks, we are cruising in time within what Papua New Guinea government referred to as “Vision 2050”. That is Papua New Guinea’s national development and or policy vision for forty (40) years to come which ends in the year 2050 since 2010.

40 years in PNG

Curising 40 years in PNG

That is a long time to be part of and travelling within. Think of it as a “ship” or a “plane”.

So here we talk and explore as we travel along. Its five (5) years actually since the ship started its engine and the journey started. So here we are in 2016 our first post on the 07/01/2016.

As I am excited to share, please join me on our journey. We will source links and make reference to our joke site to make life lovelier or making reference to our social media sites like facebook, twitter, google plus or others.

Best regards in 2016.