Standard Based Curriculum (SBC) a Relief For Elementary Teachers in Southern Highlands Province in PNG


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A series of week-long clusters programs for Standard Based Curriculum to run from the 15th -19th August 2016 was opened by Acting Deputy Secretary-Policy & Corporate Services Directorate of Department of Education, Mr Walipe Wingi in Mendi Town on the 13th August 2016.


SBC cluster program opening in Mendi


Elementary Pupils Welcoming SBC Opening in SHP

The teachers and trainers in the Elementary Sector in Education are now relieved that a uniform and standard package has now finally arrived, replacing Outcome Based Curriculum (Education).

This package includes teacher’s guide, students’ guide and accompanying tools will be distributed to the teachers and students in 2017 academic year and the new curriculum will be taught in the classes which will be all uniform throughout the country on a daily, weekly and yearly basis and guided on the same pace.

According to the team leader of SHP team, Mr John Wek said, “Come December 31st 2016, the preparation and awareness part of Elementary Sector is over. Next phase will be lower Primary and eventually finishing at upper Secondary”.

He said, “At the time of speaking printings are going on in Port Moresby for teaching and learning materials “.

This is a big relief to teachers who have been teaching random topics and materials not clearly defined which had frustrated most of them, where it also solved their long time complaints.

By John Yanda


SHP Lands Scape


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See my photos of Southern Highlands in August 2016

This is the moment when Education Department introduced Standard Based Education (curriculum) from Outcome Based Education (curriculum) in PNG and I was fortunate to be part of the rollout team, this time in Southern Highlands Province (PNG).




Mountain Mendi


Giluwe Tasol


Mountain Boys sanap i-stap…

Very Great…

Gorgeous Japanese Architectural Design


This is a native and sacred building with a very ancient but with advanced building design in Japan. It is a popular design in any Japanese context.

Japanse Design

Japanese Building

I was in 2014 with my camera and got shot of this building. I can still see this building even in my memory.

Vey Gorgeous design indeed.


PNG Bilum Skills Exhibited


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These are some of the skills possessed by local Papua New Guineans in bilum design and weaving.

Highlands and Engan Design of PNG Bilum, a true PNG flag template.

Engan/PNG flag bilum design

Enga Bilum

PNG Flag with name inscribed

PNG coloured Bilum

See photos of a PNG flag theme with names of loved ones on the other side.

If one is interested in your name inscribed contact us on 67572146086 or post your comment and request in this site.